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Jordan offers a plethora of natural and manmade sights for visitors, making it one of the most sought after destinations in the world. 

Placed right at the center of the Arab World, you can get a first-hand experience of Arab Culture and also explore the gorgeous topography and ancient ruins. Moreover, if you go during spring or autumn, the weather is highly inviting. 

Here are the top 5 things to do in Jordan to create a memorable experience: 

1)    Petra 

You must have heard of this great ancient city or seen magnificent pictures of the same. Petra has become a prominent travel destination over the past decade. Gorgeous red, brown and pink colored stone monuments, set against a backdrop of high cliffs, give the location a stunning effect. 

Almost 2,000 years old, the city was a stopover on the Chinese Silk Route. Important structures that you can explore include the Treasury or “Al-Khazneh”, the Monastery atop a hill called “Ad Deir”, and the Royal Tombs. 

2)    Jerash

Another gorgeous ancient city dating back 6500 years, Jerash displays fantastic influences of Roman culture as it was an essential part of an ancient Roman trade route. After rediscovery in 1925, the city is now touted as one of the most significant examples of Roman architecture residing outside of Italy. Here, you can explore a painting-like historic setting that transports you back in time. 

3)    Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is not only the lowest point in the world but also one of the most unique things to do in Jordan. The salt density is so high in this water body that you can float on it – something that is not possible anywhere else across the globe. By the way, it isn’t actually a sea, but a vast lake that stretches far and wide. 

Minerals from the Dead Sea are renowned for their healing and beautifying properties. You must have come across a Dead Sea mud mask at some point in your life! If not, you must rub the mud all over your skin and enjoy the softness that ensues. 

4)    Wadi Rum

One of the most resplendent and diverse natural wonders of the world, Wadi Rum hosts swathes of eclectic stone arches, sparkling narrow gorges and massive cliffs. Ancient Arab tribal people, known as Bedouins, have resided here for more than 12,000 years. 

In Wadi Rum, you can spend a night in the Jordan desert and sleep under the stars. 

5) Exploring Amman

The capital city of Jordan, Amman, is an exciting melting pot of the dynamic culture of the country. Here you can gorge on tasty traditional food or breathe in the vibrant city life. You can also visit historical monuments such as the Amman Citadel and the Roman Theatre. Merely 30 km away lies the city of Madaba, where you can feast your eyes on an ancient mosaic map that has been preserved with care. 

6) Ma’in Hot Springs

Not far from the Dead Sea is the Ma’In Hot Springs, an underrated but wonderful haven of relaxation. Also called a “Fertility Miracle”, it forms an integral part of natural healing experiences that Jordan has to offer. 

So there you have it! Your check-list for things to do in Jordan. Contact us for some incredible packages and deals, and spend your next holiday in this amazing destination!

Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris: A Couple's Guide to the City 

Paris personifies romance. Every nook and corner gives off a feeling of nostalgic beauty. 

The amorous atmosphere of the city has long been publicized in books, movies and magazines. The city is a popular honeymoon destination and a favorite among couples. After all, the otherworldly charm it emanates is hard to replicate anywhere else in the world. 

If you’re visiting Paris with your partner, you can delve into lovely couple activities - some of which are not too costly or even free. Here are our top picks of romantic things to do in Paris. 

Get a Panoramic view of the city

Imagine you and your partner, hand in hand, breathing in the fine Parisian air and viewing the lovely panoramic views of the city. There are several spots which allow you to do this. You could climb to the top of Eiffel Tower or have a magical dinner for two at the tower’s restaurants. Or you could opt to take a short climb to the Sacre-Coeur and enjoy the sights from up there. 

Romantic Stroll  

Even a mere stroll in Paris will incite feelings of love! While traversing through the city, you might feel as though you are part of a movie set. From its gorgeous architectural wonders to beautiful bridges that lie atop the Seine river, take your partner’s hand and go on an explorative journey. 

Expert tip: the views are scintillating at night, as the streets and monuments are lit up, so you might want to choose that time for a stroll. 

Sunset Boat Cruise

Few romantic things to do in Paris are as amazing as a sunset cruise on the river Seine. As the wind blows your hair back, and water sprays on your face, you can live in the beautiful now with your partner. Paris offers several sunset and dinner cruise options, and you can pick one that resonates with you the most.

Visit the Wall of Love

Le Mur Des Je T’aime or the Wall of Love brings forth hundreds of lovebirds per day. The mural, created in the year 2000 by two local artists, features the words I Love You written in 250 languages. You can try finding “Je T’aime” in your language as an exciting activity and take a picture next to it if you wish. 

Visit Palace de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles serves as a perfect romantic day trip as it's only an hour away from Paris. The palace boasts beautiful art, sculptures and furniture of the 1700s along with a world-renowned majestic garden. With its maze-like design, you and your partner can happily get lost and spend some quiet moments together. 

Sit at a Parisian Cafe

Paris is peppered with stylish Parisian Cafés that not only serve up delicious food and beverages but also give you a deep insight into the city's everyday life with street-facing views. Watch the hustle and bustle of Paris with your partner as you sip on an expertly made gourmet coffee.

Don’t wait to experience these beautiful romantic things to do in Paris! Plan your next trip to the city today. Explore our website for the best deals available. 

Famous Local Food in Singapore: Our Top Picks 

It’s impossible to visit Singapore and bypass the local delicacies offered by the city. Known for its bustling Hawker Centers and topnotch restaurants, the city hosts flavors from different parts of the world, including Malaysia, China, Indonesia and India. 

While the list of famous local food in Singapore is endless, we have curated a list of seven items that you have to try during your stay in the city. 

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Affectionately dubbed a “national dish” in Singapore, this sumptuous yet straightforward meal is a must-have. Fortunately, it is widely available throughout the city. 

Hainanese Chicken Rise, taking its roots from China, is either served with small bite-sized portions of mouth-watering chicken or with an entire chicken as a whole for groups. The rice is immaculately flavored with ginger paste and spicy chilli, giving you an extra kick of tanginess. 

Fish Head Curry

Not for the faint of heart, the Fish curry head is an adventurous, yet scrumptious choice for visitors. As the name suggests, a Red Snapper fish is doused in a sea of red curry. Taking its roots from South India, the curry is a blend of Coconut Milk, Tamarind Paste, several spices and a slew of healthy veggies - creating an explosion of flavors. Try it hot and fresh!

Kaya Toast & Soft-Boiled Eggs

Breakfast lovers – here's your go-to traditional morning dish. A highlight of famous local food in Singapore, the Kaya Toast & Soft-Boiled Eggs consists of rectangular toasted bread loaves filled with a special jam called kaya (made of eggs and coconut) and topped off with butter. The dish is accompanied by a double dose of soft-boiled eggs, sprinkled with dark soy and white pepper. 


The Singaporean Laksa – a traditional noodle soup that is coconut milk-based and spicy - comes in several shapes and forms. While the variants range from Penang Laksa to Sarawak Laksa, we highly recommend the Katong Laksa. It comes with a stock that matches the hues of the sunset, enhanced with dried shrimp and coconut milk and completed with succulent ingredients such as fishcake, prawns and cockles. 

Chili Crab

Known as the King of crab dishes among famous local food in Singapore, the Chili Crab features an insanely delicious sauce that is equal parts sweet and savoury with a satisfying hint of spice. With the dish, you get steamed, or fried buns called mantou that you could dip in the sauce. 

Fried Carrot Cake

No, this isn’t desert you are imagining, but something far more distinct. The Fried Carrot Cake gets its name due to its primary ingredients – rice flour and white radish, which is also known as 'white carrot'. After steaming the mixture of the two ingredients, they are cut into cubes and then fried with eggs, garlic and another form of preserved radish called “chai poh”. Locals call the dish “chai tow kway” so this is what you can ask for in any Hawker Center of Singapore. 

Of course, there cannot be any dishes to try unless you visit Singapore! Along with the fantastic gastronomical experiences listed above, the sights are more than spectacular. You can contact us for some great packages or explore our website at your own pace.


5 Natural Wonders of South Africa

South Africa is a gorgeous land with a hearty mix of culture, nature and urban. Once you step into the southern tip of the continent, you will be spoilt for choice. From pre-historic sites that tell stories of the first men, to stunning topographic locations, bordered by oceans, South Africa is a visitor’s delight. 

A standout characteristic of South Africa is its enthralling natural wonders. These rocks, mountains and structures have stood tall and proud for over a million years, resonating a certain sense of permanence. Today, we will take a look at some of the Natural wonders in South Africa.

Table Mountain

At 1,086 meters above sea level Table Mountain looks over the inhabitants of Cape Town. The structure is one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature in the world. You can opt to hike to the top (if weather permits), or take a cable car. Once you do reach the summit, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Table Mountain is the starting point for a 50-km range that extends all the way to Cape Point, and is a haven for botanists due to the diversity in flora. 

Cape Point

Cape Point is the southernmost point of Africa where two oceans converge, offering mesmerizing views and loads of fresh air. The queenly Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet here, making the weather rather unpredictable, but it all comes as part and parcel of an unforgettable adventure. While you can get to Cape Point by car, you can also hike as close as possible to the tip of Africa. 

Karoo National Park

The Great Karoo forms a large part of the subcontinent’s ecosystem, within which the Karoo National Park resides. The National Park is home to a large variety of wildlife, flora and fauna that have adapted in this highly unforgiving landscape.

Cradle of Humankind

Declared as a world heritage site, the Cradle of Humankind hosts layers up layers of rocks and fossils that have given scientists hordes of information about our earliest ancestors. The area is riddled with rich forest landscapes, over 200 caves and 13 fossil sites. There are plenty of exciting activities for adventurers and a visitor centre with enlightening information about our planet. 

Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon is the largest green canyon in the world with views of beautiful topographic marvels, tall cliffs, fast rapids and lush subtropical jungles. Located in Mpumalanga, the area is 25 kilometers long and 750 meters deep on an average. Here you can witness the Bourke’s Luck Potholes, formed due to thousands of years of erosion where the Truer and Blyde river collide. The cylindrical rock sculptures are akin to something you might find on the moon!

So, there you have it! Some of the best natural wonders of South Africa. Don’t miss out. Book a tour to South Africa with holiday factory today. 

Thai Customs, things to Know Before Visiting Thailand 

While visiting another country, it becomes easy to overlook customs and traditions. However, keeping them in mind will not only help you gain the respect of locals but will also allow you to get a deeper understanding of their culture. 

Here are 5 customs to be aware of before visiting Thailand: 

The Wai hand gesture

Commonly used as a greeting amongst locals the “Wai” hand gesture occurs when you press your palms together and place them at chest or nose level. The gesture connotes respect and reverence, especially in front of a Buddha statue or image, and can also be interpreted as a way to say hello, goodbye and thank you. 

Reverence for royalty

As a constitutional monarchy, Thai people hold the royal family in great regard. The king is highly respected so make sure that you do not unknowingly comment disparagingly about him. It’s customary to stand when the King’s anthem is being played before events, concerts and movies. 

Be respectful in temples

Everyone loves exploring Thailand’s beautiful temples and monasteries. But you must be respectful within these structures at all times. Dress appropriately, cover your elbows and knees and do not take “fun” photos with any statue. Under no circumstances should you attempt to climb a buddha statue or point your feet at one. 

Overall conduct

As per Thai customs, the head is considered to be the most valued part of the body, whereas the feet are at the lowest. Ensure that you do not touch anyone’s head in the country as it could be considered offensive. Furthermore, you must not point your feet at people and always remove your shoes before entering a Thai home or a religious monument. 

Eat with a spoon 

While gorging on Thai food, it’s advisable to primarily use a spoon in your right hand and fork in your left. You can use the fork to pick up the food and place it into the spoon. As per their customs, forks do not go directly into the mouth. For noodle-dishes and springs rolls, you can use chopsticks.

If you follow the customs above, your trip to Thailand should be hiccup-free. Book a tour to Thailand with Holiday Territory today!


Five Best Photo Locations in Santorini

Santorini has some of the most instagrammed locations in the world. The classic white and blue buildings make this island a supremely romantic destination. Even those travelling with families can enjoy all the sights it has to offer. 

Here are the five best photo locations in Santorini:

Oia Castle Sunset

Few visions in life match up to the sunset witnessed atop the walls of Oia castle. As the sun disappears beneath the ocean, it casts an enchanting glow on several pastel monuments of Santorini. It’s often crowded in Oia during this time so make sure to arrive early and grab your spot. 


A buzzword that will constantly come up is “Caldera”, a view of the volcano at center of the island. Fortunately, no matter where you are staying in Santorini, you should get a good view of the Caldera (as long as you are facing that right side of the sea). For the ultimate Caldera photo experience, try a 5-hour trek from Fira to Oia.

Three Blue Domes

These blue-domed churches have become synonymous with Santorini as a whole, acting as an emblematic identity for the island. As with other structures in Santorini, sunset is the best time to capture pictures of this view. 

Church Bells

At the center of Santorini, lies Fira, a bigger and busier town that Oia, complete with nightlife and delicious dining destinations. You must capture the Church Bells in Fira, a magical spot overlooking the sea. 

Red and Black Sand Beaches

The Perissa beach features picture-perfect volcanic black sand. On the other hand, the Red Beach at Akritori looks as though it has come out straight from a science fiction novel. A word of caution, you must be careful while traversing towards the beach as there are potential falling rocks. 


Falling between Oia and Fira, every part of Imerovigli is photo-worthy. It has classic Santorini vibes but isn’t as crowded as Oia. Hike upto Skaros, a rock that offers views of the entire island, for an amazing photo opportunity!

Quirky Shops

Shops in both Oia and Fira exhibit quirky brilliance, from local trinkets and artisan sellers to tiny bookshops. You can pose as you shop and try to get as candid as possible. 

There won’t be any photo-ops if you aren’t in Santorini. Book a tour with Holiday Territory at the best rates!

Top 5 things to do in Georgia

Georgia has skyrocketed to the touristic country of choice over the years, and for good reason! This beautiful country offers everything – from historically significant monuments to towering mountain ranges. One can easily spend up to a week exploring the exciting sights of the country. 

So what are the top 5 things to do in Georgia? Experts at Holiday Territory have curated a list just for you:

Old Town

Soak up Tbilisi’s old town, right at the heart of the capital city, where you can view the best of Georgia’s ancient architecture, churches, monuments and buildings. The entire setting is accompanied by a backdrop of a lofty hillside! You can either climb to the top of the hills or ride a cable car to enjoy the sights of the landscape below. 

Svaneti Georgia 

Svaneti is a Georgian medieval land that was kept away from visitors for years. Therefore, it’s relatively untouched and undiscovered and is home to hundreds of historic watchtowers. The locals used these monuments in the ancient past to keep watch for pesky invaders. Luckily it’s now open for tourists!

Caucasian Mountains 

For nature enthusiasts, trekking on the Caucasian Mountains is a must! Snowy peaks coupled with lush greenery give these mountains a fairytale-esque feel. While you can embark on several treks, one of the most popular routes is from Mestia to Ushguli. 

Try Kachapuri 

A mouthwatering Georgian classic, Kachapuri is available nearly everywhere and is comfort food at its finest. The dish features freshly baked Georgian bread topped with cheese, sometimes accompanied with bread and eggs. All-in-all, a wonderful and authentic meal to have in Georgia. 

Gergeti Trinity Church

The most famous church in Georgia, you must have seen photos of this spot plastered everywhere. Perched atop the Kazbegi  region of the country, you can access this church by hiking or by bus. Plan it as a day trip from Tbilisi or stay at Stepandsminda, a nearby town, to start your journey from there.  

Lake Ritsa 

A gorgeous summer attraction, Lake Ritsa’s crystal clear water is surrounded by lovely mountains. The lake, among the deepest in Georgia, was formed by a crater. Have a picnic by the lake, take a relaxing stroll or dabble in boating activities. 


60 km off the town of Akhaltsikhe, lies the city of Vardzia. Here rests a 12thcentury monastery with several hundred tunnels and rooms, carved into the Erusheli mountain range. 

The above mentioned sights are a teaser for the entire splendor that Georgia has to offer. Visit the country and experience it for yourself! Book a tour with us today.